Pediatric Ophthalmology Consultants

Living with One Good Eye

After a loss of vision in one eye, a person can still live a full and productive life at whatever the age of the loss occurs. Children growing with only one good eye never know the difference and develop and learn along with their age groups. Older children or adults who suddenly lose vision in […]

Fireworks and Eye Injuries

Fireworks have a place in many of our patriotic and religious celebrations but every year someone, often a child, loses an eye or suffers a serious eye injury as a result of handling or being close to fireworks. Ideally, fireworks should be enjoyed by watching public displays but realistically individuals will probably continue to buy […]

Eye Safety for Children

Accidents resulting in eye injuries can happen to anyone. More than half of all eye injuries occur in people under the age of 25. Of the 100,000 eye injuries that occur annually, 40 percent occur during sports or recreational activities. In the 5 to 14 year old age group, baseball is the number one cause […]

Eye Injuries

You can treat many minor eye irritations by flushing the eye, but more serious injuries require medical attention. Injuries to the eye are the most common preventable cause of blindness; so when in doubt, on the side of caution call for help. Routine irritations (sand, dirt, and other “foreign bodies” on the eye surface) Do […]

Childrens Eye Health and Safety

Vision problems affect one in twenty preschoolers and one in four school-aged children. Since vision problems can begin at an early age, it is very important that children receive proper eye care. Untreated problems can worsen and lead to permanent vision loss and delayed development. Because it is possible for your child to have a […]


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